A pioneer in wireless technology in the Gaspésie Peninsula, Navigue.com provides reliable access to high-speed Internet, even in more isolated communities that are not connected by large corporations. Thanks to its different packages, Navigue.com can adapt to the needs of its customers. The company also stands out by offering a digital telephony service - IP telephony - with unique features and benefits at a modest price. It also offers turnkey Web solutions, through its design and hosting services.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Navigue.com is continuing its growth by focusing on four major values. Innovation, always showing creativity to stay at the forefront. Respect, the basis of all its relationships. The client culture, responding professionally and effectively to the needs expressed. And commitment, because Navigue.com is more than anything about the close link established from the very beginning with the Gaspésie community.


Key issues

Operating in a highly competitive industry, Navigue.com works hard in research and development to continue to innovate and reach new markets. Ambitious, it continues its ascent with audacity and expertise, taking advantage of its excellent sales force. By 2019, it is aiming for a significant increase in its subscriber base and network: it plans to be deployed throughout the Gaspé region and to offer communication solutions throughout Québec. Navigue.com also intends to inject nearly $ 3 million into new technologies to position itself as a provider of home automation systems (heating, light ...) and develop a new alternative in the mobile phone industry.



Guide our customers in their technological evolution by offering proven products and services in the field of information technology and communications as well as security systems.



At Navigue.com, we strive to develop relationships based on honesty, trust, professionalism, and always listen to our customers, employees and partners. The value of these collaborations is invaluable to us! The satisfaction generated by the quality of these close relationships makes you the best ambassadors of our company!

By our work, we are committed to giving you a complete satisfaction. This simple way of doing things motivates us to serve you every day. It is the only method we have known since the creation of the company, knowing well that it is the guarantee of success of our future!



Navigue is an active player in its community, with the ambition to be an exemplary corporate citizen. The principles of sustainable development are already firmly rooted in the values ​​of the company. This policy will add weight to our commitment.

The Navigue team is committed to making every effort to carry out our sustainable development approach. The well-being of our employees, the respect of our customers, the optimization of our transportation and the maintenance of a quality partnership with our suppliers will be at the center of our concerns.

We want to use our excellent brand image to inspire our neighbors to take the step toward economic, social and environmental sustainability. We will be an active player in the change and will bring a regional cohesion towards a better quality of life of our fellow citizens. All for the respect of future generations!


Consult the policy plan


  • Governance
    • Organizational Culture
      • Integrate the company culture into the staff.
    • Internal communication
      • Standardize communication between departments.
  • Economic
    • Procurement and Supply Practices
      • Centralize and track purchases and supplies.
    • Profitability Check
      • Get new customers by ensuring profitability for every action you take.
  • Social
    • Skills Development
      • Evaluate employee needs and implement relevant training.
    • Health and safety at work
      • Maintain excellent health and safety at work.
    • Participation and working relationships
      • Have a good work atmosphere and encourage employees to participate in activities.
  • Environmental
    • Management of greenhouse gas emissions
      • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing travel and electrifying transport.
    • Energy Management
      • Reduce our electricity consumption through energy efficiency measures.


This policy is aimed at all our staff in all our departments, both Navigue and its subsidiary Infomedia Solution. It is integrated within our corporate culture and is now a reference framework in our relations with our internal and external stakeholders. It guides our future directions to ensure that the growth of our company is done in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

This policy and the resulting action plan have been developed in a process of consultation and collaboration through our Sustainability Committee, which includes employees and management. The policy and the action plan are spread over a period of 4 years, from 2017 to 2020 inclusively. When due, these documents will be reviewed and updated.

Our Sustainable Development Committee is responsible for coordinating, promoting and implementing this policy and its action plan. Quarterly meetings are held to ensure the progress of the latter.


A little history



Preparation of the business plan for the creation of Navigue.com having in mind the connection to the high speed of the population of Gaspésie.



Creation of the company and 300 first customers connected to high-speed Internet



Navigue.com reaches 2 000 customers



Arrival of the telephone service



Navigue.com reaches 4 500 customers



10 years and acquisition of Infocom from Carleton-sur-Mer



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