4.2 Disconnecting problem with ASUS router WL-520GU


To connect to the user interface of your Asus router, click here, or go to

The username defined by the manufacturer is admin and the password is admin. If you have a router that has been installed by a technician and this combination does not work, please contact our Technical Support without delay.




The following section lists the name and a brief description of the fields in the panel.


1.Network name

Enter the desired name for your wireless network here. This is the name that will appear on devices that attempt to connect to it.


2. Authentication method

The security method of your wireless network.


3. Type of encryption

Type of network security. This should be set to WPA2-Personal.


4. Network password

Password of the wireless network. It can also be changed here.


5. Firmware version

The software version of the router.


6. Type of operation

The type of operation defines how the device is used. Normally, this should be set to Wireless Router.


7. Number of devices connected to the network

The number of devices connected to the network appears here. By clicking on this number you can get a detail about these devices.


8. Number of devices connected by cable to the router

The number of devices connected directly to the router.


9. Active configuration frequency

The frequency of the router and its configuration. Some routers allow 5Ghz configuration and all routers are on the 2.4Ghz band




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